Event Registration 2017

Before you register your event please read the terms of registration below. By submitting your form you confirm that you agree to the following terms and conditions stated in the Event Organiser’s Guide below.

Wantage Summer Festival 2017
Event Organiser’s Guide


This document sets out the arrangements between Wantage Summer Festival (the Festival) and any company, individual, partnership, group or organisation (“event organiser” or “you”, depending on the context) who organises and runs an event in The Festival.

In 2017, Wantage Summer Festival will open on the Saturday 17 June and will close on Sunday 23 July.

The purpose of the Festival is to celebrate Wantage and all the surrounding Vale and Downland villages. You will benefit from involvement in a five weeks’ cultural event, listing in the Festival programme, promotion on the Festival’s website and general Festival publicity.

The Festival encourages a full range of events, including local heritage and community, green nature and outdoors, science and technology, food, sport; and other. The kind of events include drama, music from classical to silver bands and folk, dance, art exhibitions, garden walks, historic walks and workshops such as calligraphy, photography, drama, food, cooking, sport, science and technology, and fitness.

The Festival facilitates and promotes events which showcase and celebrate the value of the community. Events are organised by groups, organisations or individuals from Wantage and the surrounding area, or on topics about Wantage and the surrounding area. Any disagreements about the eligibility of events or participation will be referred to WSF Committee to approve.

Tell us what you are doing

If you want to register an event and have it included in the printed programme, and on the Festival website, you should complete and submit the event registration form at https://www.wantagesummerfestival.com/registerfor2017/  by 28 February 2017.

If you miss this deadline or you have an idea for an event closer to the Festival you should complete the event registration form and we will include your event on the Festival website.

You should provide details about your group, the event, and a description to include in the Festival programme and on the Festival website. You can also include a photograph from last year’s event to be considered in the Festival programme and/or the Festival website. The Festival reserves the right to amend copy material for the printed programme and the Festival website, depending on available space and the need to preserve a consistent house style.

The deadline of 28 February 2017 is crucial to allow time to clarify details, create and print the programme. The sooner you book your slot, the more likely you will be able to be included and secure the dates you require.

To ensure that you event is included in the Festival, you should book your dates before booking your venue. The Festival will try to ensure that your event does not clash with potentially competing events. However, this depends on you providing with the correct information as soon as possible on the event registration form: If you wish to alter the details of your events, you should notify the Festival.

If, for any reason, you need to cancel an event, you should tell the Festival at least 7 calendar days before the event by email (wantagesummerfestival@gmail.com) or by calling 07906 076571.

Ticketing Arrangements

The Festival is a small, voluntary not-for-profit organisation which relies on voluntary effort and has limited resources. Event organisers will be responsible for designing and printing their own tickets. This will simplify administration and ensure greater transparency.


The Festival will help you publicise and promote your event by including the details of your event in the Festival programme and on the Festival website provided that you submit details of your event by 28 February 2017 distributing Festival promotion across the local press.

Event details and any interesting stories may be included in the generic press and should be sent to wantagesummerfestival@gmail.com by Tuesday 21 March 2017, ready for the main wave of publicity which will be issued is compiled to go out on 1 April to meet the various publication deadlines.


The Festival has a list of local venues for you to contact. Details can be found on the Festival website: www.wantagesummerfestival.com/venues

Event organisers’ responsibilities

You are responsible for providing accurate information for and about your event for the Festival programme by 28 February 2017.

You are responsible for making arrangements for organising, holding and running any events that you want to hold. You are responsible for making arrangements with the venue which you choose.

You must provide your own materials (which you can add to your entry charge). It is your responsibility to provide DBS clearance when applicable,

You should provide your own appropriate insurance cover, such as public liability insurance. The Festival accepts no responsibility for your failure of any to arrange the required insurance cover.

The Festival does not usually organise events, apart from an opening or closing functions, which it may decide to run. In exceptional circumstances, the Festival may decide to organise its own events. The Festival has its own sponsors. If you find your own sponsors for your event, your sponsors’ logos will be included in the event page on the Festival’s website, on posters and in text, but not in the printed programme.


WSF volunteers may be available at each event to assist you. If you would like them to attend, let us know by email at wantagesummerfestival@gmail.com or calling 07906 076571.

Press passes

Wantage Summer Festival would like to offer free press passes to mainstream media and digital journalists. Please indicate the amount of free passes you can offer on the event registration form. Wantage Summer Festival reserves the right not to allocate a press pass holder to any event.

Photography and Image Rights

The Festival may reproduce any photographs or images which you may submit for your event when promoting and publicising events. Images will not be used on any merchandise sold for profit without prior agreement with you, in writing. Any images which the Festival may take of you remain the property of the Festival, and the Festival reserves the right to use any such images to promote future Festivals.


The Festival cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage sustained from any cause whatsoever. The Festival will not be liable for any loss or damage to any equipment or person from whatever cause that may arise when you participate in the Festival.

By registering your event, the Festival will assume that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.




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